Thursday, November 5, 2009

November Frost

The frost kissed pumpkins on the lawn confirmed it.
Yeah--winter really is closer than I want to believe

We had moved the plants inside in anticipation of the frost
They, like me, don't like the cold either
Hibiscus and Palm trees--
Imagine warm weather plants
trying to survive in the frosty northlands
Probably not going to happen without intervention

The heat kicked on in the house
as we dipped below the 62 degree bottom threshold we set.
So it was warm when I got out of bed
But the thought of sending more money to the BGE made my head spin
They charge too much for electricity

The trees are losing their majestically colored robes
which now lay strewn in ever growing piles on the ground
waiting for me to move them off the grass that I enjoy mowing
a reminder of the summer past
when they were green still on the trees and doing their job
of providing shade for parties and play

The truck started without problem
I remember olden times when I had a car which would not start in the cold
Kinda like me--I have trouble getting going in the cold, too
I would spend the whole charge on a battery trying to get that 1970 Ford to start
Only to need a jump from a friend or relative
I'll probably need a jump start soon, too

So there it was in plain sight
No doubts at all
The frost on the windshield, the house tops, the trees
The hint of snow flurries by the weather forecaster
And the cold reality that I probably should have worn a coat

According to the calendar
November is wholly part of the Autumn season
But that is only a cruel joke
November is really is the foot soldier of Winter
The harbinger of the snow and ice and months of darkness
We need to light warm fires in the fireplaces of our hearts
To remind us that April is only five months away!

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