Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday Musings - November 2, 2009

1. November already. Where did the year go already. It seems as if we were just celebrating New Years, only yesterday!

2. The World Series has devolved into a Yankee love-fest! Ugh! Since I cheer for a team which occupies the cellar in the American League East--I get more than enough Yankee-love every season. Let's hope the Phillies can get the horses running and turn the series around!

3. I hurt my back on Columbus Day-- and I can't seem to get over it. I rested yesterday and it seems a bit better--but in reading on line today--they say that continued activity and stretching is the best thing for strengthening and overcoming lower back pain. So no pain, no gain is a reality I guess!

4. Football weekends are much sweeter when the teams you are cheering for win! (or don't play)

5. Halloween, at least among small children, seems to bring out a lot of fun. Too bad the day is also associated with so much negative activity.

6. I continue to be amazed by people who believe that creating more laws and regulations will make life better. I remember the person who won a huge lawsuit for being burned on McDonald's coffee. I kind of like the way the Australians do stuff. If someone does something stupid and gets hurt or killed and then a law suit is filed for damages--they take the approach: don't do stupid things. people need to be responsible for their actions and the consequences thereof. Case dismissed. It certainly helps keeps costs down. We are all still paying for the damages awarded in that lawsuit.

7. My dog was a hotdog for Halloween. Makes me smile! Next year she is going to be Superdog!

8. It was a rainy autumn weekend this past weekend. Yet, we found lots to keep us busy. Putting energy into improving the quality of our living area keeps us in a state of constant urban renewal, but also keeps our interest in updating our lives.

9. We were advised of an upcoming celebration of life for an old friend this past week that we have been invited to attend. He was a member of the church we left almost two years ago and I have been thinking a lot about him and I am hopeful that the memorial service may heal some of the rifts that have developed in some of my relationships over our decision to leave that church. I have been reminded of many unresolved issues over that decision. They just kind of hang there like the "elephant in the room" waiting for resolution.

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