Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Do you get the day off today for Veteran's Day?

Did you even know today was a holiday--a very special celebration? Or has Veteran's Day become another of the forgotten remembrances of our past with no place in our entitled future?

This is a day remembered around the Western World. The remembrance of the armistice which ended WWI--although the formal treaty would not be signed until later. A day to remember the sacrifices of the men and women of our armed forces to secure and protect the freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted.

We are losing touch with our heritage and our history. As we become a people of the moment--we lose depth and a sense of purpose and history. We lose sight of the mission of America in the world. A noble calling for which many of our Veteran's have served and sacrificed.

I am a Cold War warrior. A real threat and a capable adversary. Fortunately, we did not actually employ many of the terrible weapons that were developed during that period--but, it was a war nonetheless. Two strong, determined adversaries staring at each other over a long stretch of Europe. Ready at a moments notice to obliterate mankind from the planet.

We won the Cold War.

Veterans of the U.S. helped win WWI and WWII, and served in many other conflicts (Korea, Vietnam, Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq 2X)--some remembered and others which have slipped into the fog of a hazy past.

Veteran's are our instruments of peace in this world. Of the four elements of national power (political, economic, psychological, and military)--it is the military which rides upon the dedication of the citizen soldiers of our nation to go to the front lines and be that force upon which all of us depend.

Remember the Veteran's today and God bless the USA!

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