Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Sun Cheers the Gloomy Soul

When I looked outside this morning I was treated to a sight I had not seen in about a week!

A bright, shiny orb filling the world with life giving light.

Yes, the sun was shining in the Baltimore area after what seemed like an eternity in the grip of tropical depression Ida--which also became a nor'easter and provided lots of rain and gloomy skies to the region.

Along with the overcast skies for a week, it also contributed to gloomy moods among the people that I know. The boss at work even inquired about the mood in the workplace--which I believe was directly related to the weather and the time change which has us arriving in the dark and also for some of us departing after dark. The only light we get during a day are from the softly humming florescents of the workplace.

Ugh! I do not like this time of year! It is so dark.

So I stood on the deck this morning, with my face turned toward the sun, feeling its warmth as I recharged my batteries--which are a bit drained from the head cold I'm suffering with.

Oh yeah--and I've lost my voice, too. So I cannot even utter a primeval scream of approval.

But despite how I feel--with the sun shining, it's all good!

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