Friday, May 7, 2010

Pool Opening

Last Saturday we opened the pool. It is not swim-ready--but we are getting it stabilized and ready for the swimming and party season ahead.

It is always such a job to get the pool up and running--and Chris and I have gotten it down pretty well. I had the pump already running before we even thought about opening the pool--and that made the process so much easier.

So the cover is put away and the chairs are around the pool deck waiting for all of the sun worshipers in our family to come and enjoy the warm rays.

The place just cries out for heat, summer, beer, tunes on the stereo and sleeping on a floatie in the pool.

Yet the water is a shocking 5o-something degrees as it waits for the sun to add its warmth to the party in waiting.

Memorial Day is on the way and then the pool season will be in full swing--we can barely wait.

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