Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Yorkie, Zachary Taylor-- A Rememberance

We did one of those real tough things last night--but something that was done out of love.

Our beloved Yorkie, Zachary Taylor had reached the end of his string. Quality of life was gone and he was just hanging on waiting for the end.

He was done and we could tell, so instead of waiting for him to suffer some kind of traumatic demise associated with pain and being uncomfortable we assisted him into peaceful rest.

And so we mourn the loss of Zach--who has been a faithful member of our family for the past almost 17 years. There is a spot waiting for his ashes on the shelf with our other faithful family members Hans and Meghan. He is the last of the gang of three that accompanied us 15 years ago as we moved from Pittsburgh to Maryland.

He had earned the names "auxiliary dog" and "skid mark in the tire track of life" due to his diminutive stature. He was nearly killed one day over twelve years ago when he was attacked by a Chesapeake bay retriever--but his tenacity overcame the size disadvantage of 4 lbs vs over 100 lbs; he defied the odds and lived.

He was a faithful companion to Chris for 16 and a half years.

His passing leaves a hole in our hearts and many tears in our eyes (like right now as I try to write this), but the memory of him is filled with joy and laughter.

You were a faithful friend and you are missed. Bye Zachary.

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