Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Musings - May 24, 2010

1. May has surely rocketed by--Memorial Day weekend is coming and I still haven't been brave enough to get into the pool. It has been too cold.

2. It was a graduation weekend--we spent time celebrating the achievements of a very special woman who is bound for grad school and ultimately who knows what. Go Danielle!

3. And the wedding approaches!

4. The guys survived the bachelor party--so one hurdle is crossed, next up? Rehearsal dinner in less than four weeks.

5. I wonder what the deer in my back yard was thinking last evening as I came around the side of the house with Makayla (fortunately) on a leash. But she didn't move--until we walked closer and then she just went into the woods with her traveling bud. Who both stood there until I actually crossed from the yard into the woods.

6. The wrens are back and furiously building a nest, again, in my portable heater.

7. I have a very big presentation today. I don't sleep well the night before big events--presentations, traveling, weddings. Maybe I need to be a bit sleep deprived to be on my toes.

8. The Orioles lost again. Not unusual for this season.

9. Yesterday was a two car battery day. I was able to save and recharge Jeremy's car battery; but had to replace Chris' battery. It had five years on it anyway. Batteries are getting expensive.
10. So if I buy water front property on the Gulf Coast will I be able to open an oil refinery on my beach?

11. I learned something uplifting at Shabbos on Friday night: "The Entire World is a Narrow Bridge, But the Main Thing is Not to Fear" - Rabbi Nachman of Bretzslav. We sang a song with those words and they stuck with me.

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