Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lights Around the Pool

Well it is crunch time at the house.

Why, you ask?

We are in party mode!

Wedding in about 37 days--not actually at the house, but festivities and guests will be at the hacienda, as I sometimes refer to it, and so actions must be taken to be taken to spruce it up.

Call it more than Spring cleaning and routine maintenance--I have those actions too--like fixing the Winter damage to the pool and changing filters in the heating/cooling system (which I did last night, BTW).

No--now we have the upgrades--the little projects that make and transform the house form a home into a B&B.

Hosting events always gets those little upgrades done--and it really makes the house look better at the same time.

So the little upgrades include adding a fountain to the pool--all of the materials to complete this task are in hand; and adding lights around the fence line of the pool to make it nicer at night. Forget that we will be hosting the events during the Summer solstice period when the daylight is the longest and it doesn't get dark until after 9:30 pm (at which time I usually turn into a pumpkin anyway).

I actually got half of the new lighting installed last evening and I must say--it creates an interesting ambiance.

If only there were a way to get rid of the mosquitoes!

We have some bats--maybe we can import bigger bats from South America! No, some of the guests might get "creeped" out when they start dive bombing the pool for water--which is really cool to watch in the evening light.

I guess I will destroy the ecosystem and start spraying toxins into the environment to control those little blood-suckers during the festivities.

Bring it on though! Although it is work--the house really looks good after we get these little upgrades done.

Project one is 50 percent complete--lights around the pool. Next up--the fountain, which has been on my list for about five years (see my blog about lists). After that--it is anybody's guess (but Chris's decision)

Oh yeah, did I tell you, that as the time draws closer the list will grow exponentially?

Well, let me get the first one done and then I'll tackle the next one up until I get as many accomplished as I can.

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