Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Florida, Tampa and the Beach

Well--you knew I would. I had been in town less than 12 hours and I already made my way to the Number 1 ranked beach in North America for 2005.

Fort Desoto beach in St Petersburg.

It was a longish drive in the afternoon--but I went looking for sea shells for Chris and all I found were pieces of sand dollars.

The beach area is very large and it is so pretty--especially mostly deserted on a Monday afternoon.

The drive is long from where I am staying--so I know I won't be going back--but it surely was worth the effort to get my beach fix for the week and to dip my toes into the Gulf.

The sun was still hot--even at almost 5PM.

Wow--but it was beautiful and so was the drive to get here over the bay.


I can't wait until July to get back to the beach on a daily basis.

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