Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jax-Prayers Needed

I am putting this into my blog for all of you who follow my family. One of us needs your support--our little miracle baby is in need of another miracle.

What follows is the note from my daughter, Nicole about Jax:

I am a bit uncomfortable sending this out, but here goes. Jax has been having some ongoing health issues that have now required him to be admitted to the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore for some tests. He is not super sick at this time, but as you can imagine this has been a very difficult time for our family and espeically Jax.
If you could please keep us in your prayers, specifically that we find some answers we would greatly appreciate it.
You can stay updated with what's going on via my twitter updates which I have on the right side bar of our family blog

Thank you!

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