Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grandparents Day at Ethan's School

Friday was one of those incredibly busy days. Despite being underwater with work related activities, there were also family related activities which required attention. That would be Grandparents Day at Ethan's pre-school.

OK--so let me ask you--when was the last time you played freeze tag? How about freeze tag with about 20 five-year olds?

And while doing that and being part pf Ethan's day, also served as a surrogate grandfather for Matt--one of the kids in Ethan's class whose grandparents are out of the region?

Ethan was thrilled that all of his grandparents were present--elated would be a better word. We sang songs, and did crafts and had snack and recess--to include the no holds barred game of Freeze Tag. Who knew 30 minutes could be so long. And why was it that I was only on of two grandparents playing tag? The other of course was Chris.

Perspective--despite missing a really important session at work--attending grandparents day was by far the most important activity of the day! Ethan will remember that far longer than anyone at work will have missed me.

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