Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Musings - May 10, 2010

1. In life, it is important to take time out to remember special people and events. This weekend we did both--remembered Mothers and also celebrated the 65th Anniversary of winning the World War II in Europe during 1945--also known as V-E Day.

2. Someone always has more toys than you do. Be happy where you are and don't throw sand in the sandbox because friends are more important than things.

3. Someone is always worse off than you are--help them!

4. Be in the moment--or you will miss life's small enjoyments.

5. Celebrate the small victories and then, when larger victories occur they will be more appreciated.

6. Quote of the week, from Ethan while examining the pool on Sunday: "It's not too cold for me, Poppop!"

7. And the first swimmer of the nascent pool season was Florence--Nicole's Italian greyhound. Apparently, although no one actually saw it happen but we surmise from where she was in the pool when we heard the splash, she jumped/fell off the diving board. She was quickly rescued and no harm done.

8. It was very cold this weekend--amazingly cold for this time of year. The cold made me really appreciate the week I spent in Tampa.

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