Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jackson--Update and Frustration

Bring him right in we need to admit him immediately at 8:30 pm in infectious disease.

And so a two-day ordeal began for Jax (and his mother and father and the rest of the clan) as he became a representation of a human pin cushion.

Lot's of doctors and poking and prodding looking for something related to his frequent fevers.

But no answers.

And lots of tests confirming things he doesn't have--like really bad things we are really happy he doesn't have like leukemia. TB, DiGeorge syndrome and a bunch of other things.

But there was no Dr. House running in with the ultimate solution. In the end, he was released and they said he has a low functioning immune system, with some defects in some of his T-cells.

OK--that is great news!

It doesn't seem like it--but it really is great news. But our little hero was subjected to some horrific tests and blood draws. And of course doctors coming in at really weird hours of the night while he was trying to sleep.

And of course there will be more testing. Sometime.

The good news is that I spend a lot of yesterday with him--and he seems no worse for the wear.

I was humbled by the responses from my friends for prayers and I believe I can report that the prayers were answered.

Thank you all for your support to our little guy!

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