Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Musings - May 17, 2010

1. Five-year olds and major league baseball make for an interesting mix--the unexpected always happens.

2. Glorious weekends make me wish that would never end.

3. Sitting around the table near the pool on a cool but enjoyable evening with family listening to the sounds of the animals in the forested area near us is one of the reasons we live where we do.

4. Watching Iron Man 2 on Sunday afternoon with the same five-year old grandson (Ethan) I took to the ballgame on Friday night, was an awesome way to close out the weekend.

5. Finding a car wash that is three dollars less expensive ($4 less with a fill up and the gas was $.02 less per gallon) than the one in Elkridge was one of the highlights of my weekend. Cat, my XK8, doesn't like to be dirty. That could be an issue as the summer progresses.

6. Summer vacation is coming. I can feel it. It is only two months away. Yup--July is only two months away!!

7. It isn't hot yet!

8. And the second swimmer of the year for the pool is none other than Louis, the cat. He fell in trying to get a drink. it was pretty funny actually he fell onto a step. It is true what they say about being "mad as a wet cat."

9. I got my electric bill the other day--I love this weather! Take that BGE!

10. And so another week begins.

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