Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids, Dogs and Tee-Ball Saturdays

So how many adults does it take to go to an late-morning Tee-ball game?

That depends upon what is being dragged along.

Last Saturday Chris and I were watching Jax and Ethan while their parents were out of town. And one of our tasks was to get E to get his tee-ball team picture taken at 9:40 am followed by his game at 10:30 am.

Sounds easy, right?

Hold on there tenderfoot!

It all went smoothly at the house--breakfast, dressing for the game, getting ready to go. But then a moment of panic set in. The dogs! Yes, Makayla and Flo(rence) usually accompany us to the games, too.

And somewhere in there we realized we didn't have a clue where the field was that pictures were being taken. Of course it was not the same field or even complex where the game was being played.

Another level of complexity just asking to be part of the mix.

I could see it now--two dogs, two children and two adults. It just did not add up.

And fortunately, we did the math before we left the house.

I determined, through an intuitive grasp of the obvious, that each child AND each animal required one adult for proper supervision. As there were two adults in this parade, two of something had to remain behind. Since at least one child was necessary--he was the participant in the activities and the other requires constant supervision; it was determined that the dogs would remain behind.

Both Chris and I did the math one more time, because really, we would have enjoyed the dogs.

But, as it turned out we both agreed on the answer and the dogs did not accompany us.

Which was a real good thing. Mass pandemonium ensued at the picture stop and not having dogs to amuse allowed us to amuse Jax at the game.

And so the answer to the question is:

One adult is required per kid or dog in attendance.

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