Sunday, May 23, 2010

Afternoon with the Bride and Groom

Chris and Tina Selecting Linen

We spent and thoroughly enjoyable early afternoon yesterday with the Bride and Groom finishing up some of the last items in advance of the wedding.

We were able to sample the food and drink which will be served at the reception and spend some absolutely awesome quality time with the two of them and were able to offer some prospective on the decisions they were making.

We were also able to get another view of the reception hall--I decided I want to make it my living room. The views of the harbor are stunning. I was reminded of how awesome a location they selected for their wedding and that as the day finally dawns, it is going to be one filled with enjoyment and celebration.

Patrick Gaining Perspective
Our lives get so busy sometimes that we do not get spend quality "alone" time with the couples very often and so it is especially meaningful when we do. Yesterday was that couple on couple alone time that is especially special when it happens. Where we experience each other on a very personal level and all come away better for the experience.

Patrick was playing with a new camera lens--and so he was experiencing the whole idea of perspective--it was fun to watch him and he took some really interesting pictures--including of the table napkins.

And the hours slipped by so quickly. I am always awed by how quickly time passes when I am engaged in something interesting and enjoyable. Of course we ate the entire time, but we talked and had a lovely time meeting the wedding coordinator and getting a couple more things accomplished in preparation for the coming celebration.

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