Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Musings - January 25, 2010

1. I woke up to an unexpected surprise this morning--56 degrees. Nice. Now if it wasn't raining at the rate of an inch an hour it might be something to get really excited about.

2. With only two weeks left to go, the football season is winding down and we will finally be able to get on with our regular sport--baseball.

3. And writing of baseball--the Orioles held their annual Fan Fest event this past weekend. We attended of course. Here is the truly amazing part--over 12,000 fans came out on a cold January day to see the Orioles and get excited about a baseball team which has not had a winning season is 12 seasons. There is a solid fan base here--imagine if we started winning more than losing. It was good to see orange and black everywhere. Jeremy remarked--he could feel the warm sun rising as we were watching the State of the Orioles--a presentation by the President of Baseball Operations and the Manager for the season ticket holders! Go O's!

4. We got a bit excited last night and finalized our plans for our Napa Valley spring break trip in April. But--I'm so excited I'm glad we finally got the reservations for air and lodging completed--now we can begin working on a winery plan.

5. All three grandsons were at the house yesterday for football. The family is continuing to grow. Who would have though two kids from Ithaca could be part of something so cool that started over 35 years ago and is still growing!

6. This is the last week of January 2010. And the year is already 1/12 over--Doesn't it seem like New Year's was just yesterday?

7. The pastor asked an interesting question of the church yesterday: What do you do when things aren't the way they're supposed to be?

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