Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mid-Winter Splash of Color

As the darkness and gray of the winter drags on, I believe it is helpful to look at bright sunny scenes and remember warmer and brighter days.

I do not know what this flower is called--but the deep greens of the background and the bright pinks of the flowers are calling out to the Summertime which still remains in me despite the weather outside.

If you click on it--then there is a bug in the middle of one of the petals, sunning itself. I could be that bug right now!

Sunning myself, on a sunny beach, in a warm (even hot climate). Toes in the sand.

Smelling the sweet and sometimes musky smells of summer.

Hearing the dragonflies buzz overhead feasting on mosquitoes.

Feeling the sun on my face.


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Bob Doan said...

This in from Facebook:

Dianne L. Benson commented on your note "Mid-Winter Splash of Color":

"The flower is a Cleome (cleome spinosa), also called a Spider flower. They are half hardy annuals that can grow up to 5 ft. Still checking out the bug."

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