Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mother and Child

There is nothing more touching, I think, in all of the world than the image of a mother and her newborn infant.

The images are touching because of the hope and promise that are present at the same time in the image.

The hope--that the child grows up strong and healthy and achieves his or her dreams. The hope that the child is happy. Hope that the bond between the family remains strong and provides a solid foundation for this new life to build upon.

The promise--is love. Unconditional, eternal, unsurpassing love. A no "matter what" love that will work to ensure that despite every hurt, every tear, and every cut finger that there is growth and acceptance. This is a love that provides boundaries and discipline to facilitate growth. It is a love that recognizes there will be times when there will be shortcomings and consequences--but through love and understanding, they will get through them all.

So this is Nicole and Lucas--together. At the beginning of a new life--full of hope and promise.

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