Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't write much about Jax.

I probably should write more--he is an awesome kid and when I am reminded of how he started his life, I am reminded of our miracle baby who God protected and restored. Who demonstrates, just in the fact that he is living and breathing and playing, that God answers prayer.

Why is it so easy to forget that? Maybe because we see it every day and forget the miracle and the hours of prayer--by so many of our friends and family that accompanied this kid into the operating room at six days old to have his heart replumbed.

But--his blond hair and the way he looks at me always makes me smile. He has a temper--just like me and like throwing a switch he can go from laughing to screaming in mere milliseconds.

The hat he is wearing in the image is one of my favorites--I think it looks a bit like the hats that jester's wear--with the two ends and puffy balls.

His favorite word right now is: play. Which he says in increasing volume and rapidity when pop-pop is too slow getting the DVD to play in the player in the car or on the TV in the house. He knows what he wants. I wish more people knew what they wanted out of life.

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