Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fire in de hole!

Sunday was grandson day at Hacienda Doan.

All three (Ethan, Jax, and Lucas) were present at the house for the weekly football and food orgy. (well, orgy may be a bit strong)

An interesting dynamic developed in the basement with the two oldest grandsons becoming involved in a major disposable drinking cup war! Yes--disposable drinking cups. The paper kind used for summer picnic activities and the red cups traditionally used for beer. They make great projectiles--similar to the "nerf" objects but far less expensive and far more numerous.

They throw pretty good, too. Especially sideways. And a four-year old can hold four cups in each hand and send them on their way towards the intended target with peals of laughter.
Even the 2-year old could play--although we did have to implement a "no head shot" rule for Ethan because he kept hitting Jax in the head and it began to hurt. Although, then there was the excuse: "Well I don't really aim very well" when a couple cups continued to hit Jax in the head.

And Lucas? Well, he was oblivious to the war going on in the basement as he slept peacefully in the arms of numerous family members.
Ah--the joys of children being creative with the most common items on a rainy, cold day.

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