Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Musings - January 18, 2010

1. I love holidays and days off from work. They allow me to recharge my batteries.

2. Lucas, my newest grandchild, is cute, is home, and is doing great. Amazingly, last week at this time none of us had any idea that his arrival was so close. Now, he is part of the family.

3. I never realized how jealous dogs are of other dogs. We have been watching Ben, Jeremy's dog and Makayla always works to be closest to me in every situation she can. It is pretty neat to watch.

4. Well the football season unofficially ended. Both the Cowboys and the Ravens lost this weekend. Interestingly, they each scored only 3 points in going down to lop-sided defeats. Just in time for Oriole fan fest! Pitchers and catchers report soon!

5. Haiti is in shambles. I urge everyone to assist in whatever way they can. Our church already has been supporting agencies shipping goods to Haiti with water, baby formula and other supplies.

6. The senate seat election in Massachusetts may provide a barometer of the mood in the country. I didn't realize that that seat had been held by Ted Kennedy since 1962. Tuesday should be an interesting day.

7. The weather has been warmer--and there has been more sun. Maybe we are finally moving into a time of more mild weather. Maybe we can get some outside work done yet this three day weekend--if the rain would just stop.

8. Still looking for a new rim for the Lexus. Who knew it would be so hard to find one?

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