Sunday, January 10, 2010

What if Dogs had Opposable Thumbs?

I was playing with Makayla a few minutes ago and she was mimicking my hand movements with her paws. It led me to wonder--what if dogs had opposable thumbs?

It made me laugh--just think--they could open their own dog food without chewing through the bag.

They could brush their own fur.

They could open door and go in and out on their own.

Put their own leash on--or take it off. And run in packs together?

They could grab your hand when they get tired of playing--or lead when I get confused.

I wonder if they would drive? Could it be worse than some of the drivers we see out there?

So if we extrapolate it all out--would our world be a better place if dogs were in control and we were the pets? Dogs, after all, do not hold grudges and they get most of the information they need about new acquaintances from a friendly sniff.

I don't know how it would all work out--but I think I would enjoy Makayla having an opposable thumb--then she could at least throw the ball back when we played catch.

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