Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sleepless in Elkridge

I had one of those nights--the kind that I hate where I wake up and then cannot get back to sleep.

Last night!

The mind was on once the body was awake.

Why did I wake up? Well the new exercise program that Chris and I are trying really kicked my butt and I have a lot of sore muscles and some cramping. Yeah--it is a killer. Macho me, I thought with all the racquetball I play this would be a breeze--NOT! It hurt and we worked hard--which despite my moaning is exactly what I needed to supplement my racquetball. I could tell that I have not been working all of my muscles from some of my more disappointing racquetball results, and last night's exercise regimen proved it.

If I survive, I'll be better for it. (keep telling myself that)

So I woke up in a bit of pain and then--instant on with the mind. Ugh! I hate that. So I saw 1245 through about 3 AM. I did get to watch the hockey results on the NHL channel and was pleased to find that the Penguins broke out of their losing streak and that the US defeated Canada for the gold medal in the Junior World Hockey Championship. I started watching some of that game earlier in he evening, but turned away from it for the Orange Bowl for some stupid reason.

So now I'll be sedate and exhausted all day! Lucky for my coworkers.

And what do I have to look forward to tonight? Another brutal 20 minute workout!

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Anonymous said...

It seems no one slept well last night. Mike said he was up half the night and Ethan was on the floor at the foot of our bed this morning. Mike got up early and went to the gym and I was so awake that I too got up and exercised. I NEVER exercise in the morning! Uggh hopefully we all sleep better tonight.
Hang in there the workout gets better!.

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