Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Three Grandsons: A Recipe for Excitement

A long, long time ago there used to be a show on TV called "My Three Sons." It was a comedy and followed the growth of a widower and his three sons in many different situations.

Well--here you have-- My Three Grandsons: Ethan, Jax and Lucas.

Two has been fun--and I know that three will be four times the fun!
Lucas will learn very quickly how to keep up with the other two--just like Jax (at only 22 months) has figured out how to keep up with his almost five-year old brother!

I have to tell you--it makes me smile just to think about it now. And even more--I'm the grandfather. When I get tired--place a call to 1-800-hey-parents!

Lucas' birth has drawn the family closer-- and the pictures (thousands of them) are documenting every adventure in his new life and interactions with his family!

Bring it on. In an interesting side note--it is apparent that there is a hole in the birthday months that needs to be filled. That would be February! Lucas was born in January, Jax in March, and Ethan in April. I think the next grandchild (maybe a granddaughter??) needs a February birthdate. There's still time for next year!! LOL!

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