Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I bet you're wondering what is the significance of the title.

I heard this abbreviation the other day and was fascinated by it.

It is: Just Happy To Be Here

And I am, too.

Every day.

Especially after the weekend. I was amazed how all of our neighbors pulled together to get everyone cleared of snow. And even though my street was not plowed until about 2:30pm on Sunday--where really did I need to go?

So, when I'm getting all hot an bothered about not being where I think I want to be, I need to remind myself about JHTBH! Because, think of the alternatives!

I got in my car yesterday--turned the key, it started and I was free to conquer the world. Where else should I have been?

I know--diving off the Florida Keys--but that is a dream, my happy place and not reality. Somewhere I can go to in my mind.

Aside from that--JHTBH and don't forget it!

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