Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the Day After Christmas--A time to Remember

Well Christmas Day dawned bright and early--with breakfast at Nicole and Mike's and us arriving there before the boys woke up--if you can believe that.
Presents were opened. And fun was had as we got the holiday celebration off to an early start.

Then--not too soon, it was back to the house for Christmas--the Story Continues as we enlarged the celebration. There is nothing like watching two small children listening to a song from the Polar Express at top volume and dancing to really drive home the point of Christmas.

And as the remainder of the family gathered --there was a spectacular piece of beef, prepared by Michael which was to become the centerpiece of an afternoon feast.

But first--presents.

And it was a great day!  Notice the dogs--they are all really part of our families and participate fully in family celebrations.

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