Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday Musings - December 28, 2009

1. The last Monday of the year is a good time to reflect on the other 51 Mondays and decide if waking up early is really enjoyable or not.

2. It is amazing how quickly four days off passes when I am busy and it seems as if I really didn't get to enjoy them at all.

3. Whomever said that Christmas is for children knew what they were talking about--kids definitely put the pizazz into the holiday.

4. It is crazy--here it is three days past Christmas and I still have not had time to play with all of my gifts!

5. New Year's is coming--wow, already? Who knew it was so close to Christmas? (think about it!)

6. I read that the airlines want people to show up four hours before their flights, if going overseas. And then they have to sit in their seats for the last hour of the flight and cannot even read. Flying is so much fun.

7. Following on the airline theme--the government needs to step in and make the airlines drop their checked baggage fees to help people get through security and reduce the amount of stuff in the cabins. Think about it--the fees may be creating a larger security problem and also slowing the processing of people through the security lines.

8. As it is time for the end of the year lists--I will be making my lists as well and sharing some of them--it is a good way to reflect on what has happened this past year.

9. Professional sports are tough to follow as a fan when your team (the Ravens) play like an undisciplined college team. Baseball is less than two months away and with every Springtime--hope springs eternal! Go O's.

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