Friday, December 11, 2009

Dogs--Who owns Whom?

In addition to our energetic one-year old keeshond, Makayla, we have another more sedate dog--a 16-year old Yorkie, Zach. Zach weighs all of 4 lbs and has no teeth, so it is not like he is a threat to anyone, just himself. I used to love naming our animals after historical figures and so his real name is Zachary Taylor.

I have had other animals named after historical figures such as Genghis Khan, and Attila the Hun (both were cats). Our daughter has a beagle named Jefferson and I'm not sure whether that is for Thomas Jefferson or Jefferson Davis--both could apply. We also had a cat named Hans Ludwig, after the somewhat crazed leader of Bavaria, Ludwig II, who built a number of impressive mansions and castles in the Bavarian Alps. So the names tend to run the gamut of famous and infamous. I even had a cat named George, for George Washington.

But this morning Zach reminded me that it is he who allows me to live with him and not the other way around. It seems the animals tend to take on the characteristics of their namesakes in some ways.

Zach likes to head out on what I call "walk-abouts" through the neighborhood every so often. While I don't approve of this and usually stand by the door to ensure he comes in as soon as he has accomplished the primary purpose(s) for being outside, this morning, believing that it was too cold for him, I wandered away for a short minute. This was the same as giving Zach a green light to conduct a walk-about !

Well, he was gone for about 15 minutes--a short one today due to the cold, but the funny part was that I went to the door about four times to call Zach and looked for him up the street--but it being dark, I did not see him.

Here's the rub--when he decided to saunter back to the homestead and wanted in--he barked a mournful bark. The expectation was that I would immediately open the door to allow the small traveler access to the house. How do I know this? Makayla barked and Chris advised me that the dawg was home!

So--I ask--who owns whom? I think we're kidding ourselves if we believe that we are the ones in charge!

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