Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Musings - December 7, 2009

1. Was it really only 68 years ago? The Day of Infamy? I paused for a moment to remember Pearl Harbor and the heroes of WWII who successfully defended freedom during the dark hours of the middle Twentieth Century.

2. Snow and cold. My door locks on Kitty were frozen this morning and she started hard. She truly is a fair weather car and it really pained me to have to drive her in such inhospitable conditions. But after some initial problems--she was up to the task. But, I do have a bent key now.

3. I have been feeling poorly again after returning from the frozen wastelands of Denver. Hence, there have been no blog entries for a couple of days. My loving wife has decided I need to see a doctor and I have an appointment for later today.

4. Football is no fun to watch when all of the teams you are cheering for are losing. It was a bad day for the Redskins--who I really though would defeat the Saints; for the Cowboys who remembered it was December and started their annual slide into mediocrity, and for the Steelers--losers of four in a row, really? The only team left are my Ravens who I sincerely hope can overcome the cold of Lambeau Field and defeat the Packers tonight.

5. The location in the U.S. reporting the highest temperature yesterday was Opa-Locka, Florida at only 80 degrees. It was only slightly cooler in Key West at 71 degrees. The hottest place in the world was Marble Bar, Australia coming in at a whopping 116 degrees!

6. So, once the gifts are bought then they must be wrapped so they can be subsequently opened (or unwrapped). Hmmmm. Who thought that up?

7. And so--tis the season and all of the cool music on the radio brings out joy, right?

8. This weekend we participated in a consensus wine blending at as part of the Wine Club activities of Keswick Vineyard. There were 9 tables of 6 people each. The wine blended by our table came in a close second--only 60 points behind the winner--or about 1 point per person difference. We felt that was a huge success. And we met a lot of really nice people. The winery will be blending up the winning wine and offering it for sale--and I admit--I scored it higher than our wine, too. I was really pleased to finish so high in the standings. It was fun to blend a wine and have it generally liked by those attending the event.

9. If this is a season of joy, why is there so much stress?

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