Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Movies of the Year

Movies 2009--the good and the not so good
Best Movies of 2009
1. Star Trek - the best movie of the year by far
2. Transformers 2 - almost the best movie (Megan Fox is hot!)
3. Avatar - Strong movie, creative--not as good as the other two
4. Defiance - difficult material to see on screen
5. Taken - best thriller of the year
6. Up - best animated movie of the year
7. Angels and Demons - much better ending than the book
8. Race to Witch Mountain - I like corny movies, OK?
9. The Proposal - the best chick flick of the year and funny
10. Knowing - even though the ending was terrible

Worst Movie of 2009
Mall Cop

Movies intentionally not on the list:
Twilight 2 New Moon (I'm neither a tween nor a cougar!)
Night at the Museum 2 (been done)
Ice Age 3 - yeah, yawn
Fired Up (cute and a funny rental)

Movies I still want to see:
Year One
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Inglorious Bastards
It's Complicated
The Blind Side
Sherlock Holmes

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