Thursday, December 31, 2009

Makayla and Me

Well--it is New Year's Eve (for New Year's Day 2010) and as I am reflecting upon 2009, I keep returning to the one thing that probably had the biggest impact on me during the year--Makayla. I reread my first blog about her--love on four feet and the pictures that I put in that item. Wow--she was small.

She has gone from a rambunctious little puppy to an exciting dog in the space of the year.

She has become my best companion--especially when the house is quiet and I am without other human companionship. she is usually there, except when Chris takes her out with her to Nicole's for a play date with Jeff and Gibbs.

I was looking back through pictures of her first year and i was just amazed at how she has grown from the small puppy--just weeks old into my best friend. It was, love at first sight.

It is her eyes that melt my heart. They are full of life and playfulness. She always seems to search my face to decide if we are going to play or not. I know it drives Chris crazy.
And then there are the rules which have been broken this year--like no table food--well except for toast, and Pringles, and who knows what else.
I guess that with the passing of the great dog Meghan three years ago, I had forgotten just how much of a dog person I really am.
So I guess 2009 is really the year of Makayla. Who knows what 2010 will bring.

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