Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas songs play in the background soothing the harried shoppers
Sounds of the season, so they say, to make them feel more giving
Those who know the season, know it means much more
Than tired songs rising above clinging cash register drawers

A baby crying in a barn--surrounded by the dirt and mud of the world
A world and people that he loved so much that he came to visit
He did not arrive like the kings of earth--puffed up, proud upon their thrones
But the King of the Universe came to earth in a straw filled, back lot, dirty barn

Because of love and for only love--he came to give his life
Because of love, he left his throne and shed his royal robes
Because of me, and you, and everyone else
He became like us and accepted a mission that would end in painful death

The cars in the parking lot trapped in a horrible, not-going-anywhere gridlock
No one can go in or drive out of the mall to reach the stores to buy their wares
The shoppers are trying to rush home with their gifts ready for giving
Yet don't know the first gift of Christmas, was given to them

From the barn out in back of a motel off the beaten path, lost in the suburbia of its day
A garage full of leftovers where, had it been today a lawn mower would be waiting for springtime
The King of the Universe, the long awaited one, the Messiah invaded our world
Not to conquer with his sword, but to save us with his blood, and his gift to us is life

It is Christmas, the songs are softly playing on the radio in my truck
Does anyone still listen to the words and connect them with that gift?
The gift that was given to us, and confirmed by travelers not even from that place
The gift of life, of family, of love; given to us on Christmas and remembered to this day

and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. -- NET Bible Eph 5:2

Merry Christmas
and may God send His blessings upon you now
and in the year ahead.

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