Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Of Cars and Christmas

Well-when is snows, it blizzards!

Maybe that doesn't work as well as the old saying about raining and pouring (or was that for a salt company?)

But we have a mobility crisis in the family.

Between accidents and old cars wearing out, we are two vehicles short of a full stable. Last night the sound of a tow truck unceremoniously dumping a broken vehicle could be heard in the driveway again as Patrick's 1996 Honda came home on someone else's four (or more) wheels.

Following on the heels of a not-to-serious accident which left Patrick and Tina down a vehicle and left me driving Kitty--now this second uppercut is pretty serious. I'd say, they made be down for the count. It sounds bad--life a lifter or something equally as serious in the engine.

So--here we go again--car shopping although the real verdict won't be known until later today after the car is towed to the repair shop--which was closed last night and not accepting vehicles after hours.

Hopefully it is something minor--but it does not sound that way.

But look at the bright side-- (remind me again what the bright side is?)

It couldn't happen at a better time of year? Really?

Yes it could. And it could happen after they both find better paying jobs, too.

But this is where we can demonstrate the support of family and the love that we all have for each other. The silver lining is that we are pulling together as a family to help them through this crisis.

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