Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Days Result in Christmas Frenzy

The Baltimore Sun reported it widely--The malls are staying open late this week to accommodate shoppers who couldn't get out because of the snow this weekend! The malls are open until midnight!


So who is going to shop that late?

Oh yeah, I would have, had I not completed my Christmas shopping yesterday.

Chris reported that on Monday night the entire city of Odenton was crammed into Toys R Us. And she told me she was done, too! I guess there is always one more gift to buy.

I really don't know why it is I wait until that very last moment to get my shopping done. I do have most of it done--but I guess I like the ambiance of the last minute rush of the holiday season. No--it is probably more that I am a procrastinator of epic proportions!

I was in the parking lot of the local mall yesterday--crawling slower than a snail looking for a parking spot. It was absolutely unbelievable the amount of traffic--cars everywhere all going no where.

Once I found a spot--then I had to face the living humanity of the crowds--which were crushing. And people wonder why I don't get excited about shopping? Especially, Christmas shopping. But happlily I can report that I am done. I bought the last gift of Christmas. Yay.

Well--except for the inevitable returns, it will all be over in a couple of days anyway. And then we can begin the process of doing it all over again!

After a nice long break for summer, of course! Beach, diving, travel--warm/hot summer sun! Bring it on!

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