Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunny September Afternoons

We made our annual trek to the State Fair on Saturday as a big, complete family.

It is something we do almost every year and believe it or not, it is something I look forward to doing.

Of course, I love the cows--but this year was really special. The weather was idyllic. The grandchildren are not only increasing in number, but their increasing ages make them more fun to be with at the fair.

Since I got to play with the camera a bit more this year, I do have a favorite action shot from the fair. It is Nicole and Jax coming down the slide together. Maybe just a bit out of control, but having fun together.

I enjoyed playing with the camera--because the sky was so blue and the colors so vivid.

We are able to expose the kids to so many different things at the fair--like baby chickens (chicks), or piglets, or lambs--all of the animals they read stories about and are finally able to see for real.

And of course we are all able to be together--which is also a treat.

The fair is fun and only a short drive from home. We assembled at 1000 and had a fabulous morning and early afternoon.

I hope next year is as much fun.


Bobdadmd said...

Sounded like fun Bob, it is too bad I casn't enjoy those things with my kids anymore. Time moves on but I hasve my memories.

Bob Doan said...

Hey--all you have to do is come on down and we'll find a way to include you in the fun!

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