Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baseball Dream Crushed

With one swing on Friday night, my hopes for an Oriole victory over the Yankees were dashed.

It was a monstrous home run swatted by the Yankee slugger.

And the Yankees were down to their last strike when the blast happened.

But wait--there is more to the story.

With two outs, two men on and a 1 ball 2 strike count, the Orioles closer threw what appeared to the crowd to be strike three past A Rod. But no, it was called a ball.

Upon later review, both he and the Orioles pitcher knew it. The only one who didn't was the umpire who called ball two and allowed A Rod another swing to salvage the game for the Yankees.

A Rod accepted the bonus swing providing the crowd with a view of a monstrous 386 foot home run. Giving the Yankees a 4-3 lead which was preserved by their closer Mariano Rivera.

How quickly the fortunes of the game changed.

It gave new meaning to the phrase "it ain't over 'till it's over."

Despite losing though, it was exciting to watch the teams battle. Many of us get very wrapped up in the winning and the losing and forget that it is supposed to be only a game.

Entertainment even.

It was last night--a great game, which even in defeat I can accept that in sports, like in life--it matters more how you play the game rather than how you finished.

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