Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monday Musings - September 6, 2010 (on Tuesday Morning)

Yes, it is a day late--but it was a holiday yesterday so I was busy.

1. Labor Day celebrations and family gatherings to celebrate together are really where it's at. I hesitate to call it the end of summer, but it surely is the last holiday of summer.  Of course, there is only one other holiday during summer anyway.

2. Busy days and busy nights lead to wanting to go back to work after a holiday.

3. I get exhausted during holidays making sure I see everyone and do everything that I need to.   Too bad I didn't get the things done I wanted to do like wash Cat, comb the dog, and mow the lawn among others.

4. Jax and I found a dinosaur nest on our walk yesterday morning. We were very quiet and departed the area to ensure they were not disturbed. I think we did OK because they didn't chase us!

5. Makayla was so tired from the weekend, she didn't want to get out of bed this morning. She's a dog, so she doesn't have to go to work. Lucky her!

6. I played racquetball this morning after the three day weekend--ugh!  It was really hard to get moving.

7. Sunny, clear, and mild. Who could complain?  Actually I did hear complaints about lack of rain. Someone please record those for later use as evidence against those complaining about the rain when it finally comes.

8. BP is still in the news playing with the oil well.

9. Hurricane?  What hurricane? Gaston fizzled. Earl missed. Fiona exhausted herself. Sounds like a bad "whodunit" novel.

10. Well--now it is full ahead into primary season, autumn, and Columbus Day. Remember Columbus Day? It is still a national holiday, amazingly enough!

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