Friday, September 17, 2010

Out the Hotel Window, Part 3

Well, scary enough, it was a three day trip to two cities so I have three parts it seems. I took one image every morning to see if I could find something different to see out of the windows.

Denver Skyline September 16, 2010
from Aurora Doubletree

Yesterday morning, I moved over to one side of the window, in the early pre-dawn light and off in the distance I could see the skyline of Denver.

It was so far away--

I zoomed my iPhone camera to the max setting and snapped a couple images hoping to get lucky.

Maybe I did--

But I learned that when looking out the hotel window, move around a bit. This awesome skyline shot was obscured form the center point of the window by the corner of the building--but by moving a bit to the right, I was able to change the blah view of the day before into something that is etched in my mind to remember.

All too often when I travel, I just leave the shades and curtains closed in my hotel room.

I'm too busy computing, or reading, dressing, or catching up on the news to notice what is happening outside.

I guess, I've changed.

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