Friday, September 3, 2010

Hurricanes and Labor Day

I've spent most of the week watching Hurricane Earl and trying to determine if the weekend is going to be a wash out or not.

It appears as if we are going to be OK for the weekend.

Funny, how I was concerned about such mundane things as going with the entire "fam" to the Maryland State Fair--which is fast becoming an annual tradition.

Now with three grandsons it promises to be an interesting event to attend. I still love the cows!

I probably should've been a farmer, although I'm sure I'd have been bankrupt and out of business by now. I have no business sense and I do love my toys--the latest tractor or manure spreader probably would have broken the bank.

But at least I do get up early in the morning. I love seeing the dawn break. When we were driving to and from Florida this year I was reminded of how I love to see the first signs of the dawning day on the horizon. It lifts my spirits.

For me still--new days dawn full of hope and promise.

Opportunities to succeed, things to do and people to meet and be with.

They remain full of promise.

I know some don't look at new days that way, and it is sad. Depressing even and I truly hope that I do not become one of those people for whom all hope seems lost.

I want each new day to be full of hope and adventure. The joy of discovering something new or looking at something old and familiar in a new way.

Like Hurricane Earl. Could have provided rain on my parade--but I still would have smiled. Why? Ask Chris. She knows that the reason I don't carry or use an umbrella is because I love to walk in the rain! So even in the midst of the rains from a hurricane, I can find something to enjoy.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Don't drive too far and remember: even in a traffic jam, fun things happen!

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