Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out the Hotel Window

I often look out the windows of the hotels I stay in to see the area.

Usually, it is a pretty boring view--of the swimming pool or and expressway.

This morning though, from downtown Colorado Springs, I caught the sunlight and rays behind the buildings of the city.

I know if I had a better camera, I could actually capture the sunlight and the rays the same way that my eye see it--but alas, I don't.

But--I looked out at just the right time to see the sun's rays silhouetting the buildings--

Another day away from home. Although I'm in familiar territory, there is so to be amazed at like the first time all over again.

But the scene remains etched in my memory--just for a bit.

Perhaps it caught my imagination because I was on the second floor of the hotel--and not the eighth.

Who knows.

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