Sunday, September 5, 2010

Standing at the Door--Please Don't Knock, It's Open for a Reason

I work with some people who just cannot get used to informality.

They insist on knocking on my open office door before entering or even then wait to be invited to enter.

It really bugs me--because I do not like separating myself from my team with such trappings of either authority or power.

My boss does not require such from me--why should I retain psychological power holdovers from a previous era?

I want to be a member of the "team" and not just the coach/manager/leader.

That I am "management" should not be reinforced by holding on to the trappings of percieved power that separate us--but one of the strengths of a well functioning team is seeing that everyone has a job or position, they do it and they do it together.

I know when I hear some of the team some talk about "management" (or "them") they are referring to me and the office area I sit in, but still--I want them to know that when they say these things I understand that they feel disenfranchised and not part of the solution to the problem they are complaining about.

Teams are about shared responsibility and effort.

Some need to have the authority and responsibility to make decisions--but all should be invested in the outcome--personally.

Teams really work best when the team members care. One way everyone cares is if the barriers that separate team members are reduced.

If the leadership provides the general guidance and support that the team needs then there is a good chance the team will be efficient and adaptable to the changing stress of the moment.

If the door is open--come on in! We are all in this together.

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