Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birthday Rememberance

Every year contains it seems a few days which cause me pause and to think about the past.

One such day is my birthday--and today is really a special one because it is one of those mid-decade buirthdays.

But I was remembering birthday's past and some of the really cool things that used to happen.

Like my 6th (I think it was) and a big birthday party at the old house in Danby where the guys wound up playing with trucks in the dirt pile. I have no idea if any girls were even invited to the party or what they did while the guys got down and dirty.

And my 12th when, though it was not my birthday gift, our very first color TV (yes--color) was delivered.

Or my 14th, when I received a special production (OK, made by Mom) Ithaca .22 Saddle gun rifle. It really is a one of a kind and I still have it. I wonder what would happen today if more parents bought firearms for their 14 year old? But, I was taught to respect and properly use this weapon, which I still proudly have. Actually this is a file photo not my actual weapon--I am keeping its secrets safe after all of these years.

I'm sure Mom and Dad remember many more birthdays--but for those before I was 18, these really stand out as special.

My 18th was my first birthday away from the family. I was at the University of Miami and in those days (or olden times as I call it) turning 18 meant you could buy alcohol--and so I did. Lots of it.

And so this year, as in years past, I think about my birthdays and all of the places I have celebrated them (Danby, Miami, Syracuse, Rome, NY; Denver/Aurora, Omaha, Neubruecke, Shreveport, San Angelo, Columbia, Elkridge, Norfolk, Pittsburgh, and sometimes on the road in places I don't even remember.

Surrounded by family, no birthday is ever alone. Apart from family--even then I was never alone for the family's love always found me and surrounded me. No matter where I was.

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