Thursday, September 30, 2010

Butterflies and Miners

I read an interesting story in the news the other day about a hwite butterfly saving the lives of two miners in the Chile mining disaster.

Ready the story at Did a butterfly save two miners' lives in Chile?

It is pretty interesting--albeit a bit confusing.

the article begins as follows:

In Chile's dry Atacama desert, folklore mixes with superstition and superstition blends with religion.
Scorching days give way to cold, foggy nights.
In the tent village christened "Camp Hope," at the gates of the San Jose mine complex, close-knit miners' families huddle together and light a fire.
They tell tales in the glow of red-hot embers. And the one everyone wants to hear these past few nights is an almost supernatural tale about the miner and the white butterfly.

I like the way it begins--in the midst of a disaster, there is a miracle. And that any of the miners is still alive seems to me to be a miracle.

But I like the premise--God provides a way for those who believe.

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