Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Gardens

Summer gardens are the toughest it seems.

Springtime gardens are the easiest--there are all kinds of bulbs and flowers we expect to see in the springtime, but summer--well. the gardens take a beating and it is tough to work the blooms out so that something is blooming all of the time.

I especially enjoy the impatiens. Especially this years sine the ones pictured here were not planted by us--they came back after the winter and are now blooming merrily in the garden.

We have installed an auutomatic watering system to help keep these plants happy through the dry days of summer--and it apepars they are pretty happy. The hydrangea seems to have adapted to its location, although, if I were brave enough to take a picture of it, it would be clear that the hostas at the other end of the garden are getting too much sun and not enough water. Our watering system does nto reach them.

The joys of gardening--and springtime digging and moving plants from one location to another.

Gardens--they give us something to do and then enjoy. Our work and planning coupled with water, sun equals enjoyment.

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