Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Hunter Returns

There he was the other morning. Right there in the 5AM sky for me to see.

My old friend Orion has returned to guide me through another winter season and then to hopefully let me loose to enjoy another summer.

I have written before about my love-hate affair with the winter sky.

But it is Orion that is my guide in the stars.

He starts out in the early morning sky in the autumn, and during the winter becomes prominent in the evening and nighttime sky.

Low now on the morning horizon, but soon he will fill the evening sky.

Another of those signs that summer is passing into autumn and all that goes with the season.

Harvest, pumpkins, feasts, trees adorning themselves in colorful robes, and frost are but a few of the signs of the trasition.

It is good and useful that we have signposts to guide us across the seasons. As well, to guide us through life. Inanimate friends who make the big places familiar and comfort us--even in the night.

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