Thursday, September 9, 2010

Church to Burn the Koran Part II

I received an email from a blog reader about my earlier post: Church to Burn the Koran.

Suffice it to say--we see the issue differently, which is really great. That is why I am an American because I love diversity and I love being able to have differing opinions without someone winding up dead.

The comments were as follows, with the identity of the sender protected:

Good morning Bob. Was reading your blog this morning, a couple of thoughts occurred to me. If all of these Muslims are so peace loving, then why are we there? If the general is so bothered by the burning of a few books and even now our President chimes in, and is so concerned of the safety of our troops I have a great idea. BRING THEM HOME !!!!!!! Why can't these "peace " loving Muslims govern themselves? Why don't we go into China, Russia, Somalia, Venezuela, or Cuba for that matter??? Bob, What does 2Pe. 2:10 say about despising government say! Didn't PRESIDENT HUSSEIN have his government? Why didn't we respect him, or at least respect his government? Shouldn't we as Americans have respect for our government! When we want a change of government, we don't go to any other country for their military help!!! Just a few thoughts. I know I am not in the KNOW, But I have a question. How many people were killed by drunk drivers in our own country, without one book burned?

I admit--I don't like it when people disagree with me, after all, who does? And I love a good battle of thoughts and opinions--so I responded. And I wrote the following (I have removed one phrase where the writer of the original piece could have been identified).

I responded:


You don't see the difference between drunk driving and intentionally doing something which endangers your fellow citizens around the world? I think you are being really cavalier about other peoples lives.

What kind of statement is this church really trying to make? If they really want to live free and be brave in the face of Islamic extremists, they should join the military and go to the front lines and fight Al Qaida and the radical Islamic terrorists face to face. It is real easy to stand tall and be brave from Gainesville--knowing that millions of US soldiers and the entire Homeland Security apparatus of the U.S. is protecting you.

This church represents everything that can be wrong with "Christians" in America today. And it is radicals such as these which are potentially going to cause the rest of us problems.

In some circles, burning a Koran could be considered a hate crime--the same as burning a cross or painting a swastika on a synagogue. (Happy New Year by the way)

And the threat to Americans this causes is not just in Afghanistan--but unless you haven't noticed there is a lot of the world that is Muslim. It endangers every American everywhere!

And you are also not really asking me about Hussein are you? He used chemical and biological weapons on his own people and killed thousands--if not millions of his people. In the annals of history--he is not far from being the Stalin or Hitler of our time. Using your logic, we should not have invaded Europe in 1944. Hitler had established his government there.

You misapplied 2 Pe 2:10 while you were at it. And you know that too. Return to Romans 13:8. And the entire first part of Romans 13 for that matter. We as Christians should be supporting our government and praying for it.

When you boil it all down, Paul said it best in 1 Cor 10:23--which basically says that even though things may be lawful, some things are not wise to do because they don't build others up (edify).

So in the end, this church will likely burn about 200 Korans--good for them. But, they are not going to be paying the consequences for their actions. Others are. It's their right, but is it a right that really needs to be taken?

This is the end of what I responded to the email with.

I know this is a hot button issue for many of us. I think discussing it openly and rationally is good. So, I look forward to more comments.

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