Thursday, October 20, 2022

Roosters and Birds

Key West, FL
October 20, 2022

Yesterday could be described as a day of birds and also roosters, which are of course birds. 

At one restaurant we met Solo, a Key West rooster. He is the resident bird in the restaurant and it is easy to see that this rooster is definitely in control of the situation. Chris and I have been amazed at how the roosters and chickens rule the streets.  I remember them from our last visit, but then they seemed more confined to the residential areas. Not so now, they are everywhere. 

In terms of other birds, it was too cold and rainy yesterday to go birdwatching, and so we went to the Audubon House. The house is historically the familial home of a Key West salvage captain, but during the 1960s was turned into museum devoted to the period history of both the captain and Audubon. 

Image in Audubon Museum
Key West, FL
October 20, 2022

The Audubon museum has prints from the mid-1800s adorning the walls next to mementos from in the family. Part of the estate has been turned into a museum store where actual antique prints of Audubon’s works are for sale. 

We did not let the cold temperatures get us down and had a very enjoyable day. The only issue seems to be that my Mac died because it couldn’t get a critical update.  I think it may be due to the questionable internet that I am dealing with. Hopefully, when I get home and on a stable wifi it will all work. 

— Bob Doan, Key West, FL

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