Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Out the Hotel Window - Key West

Out the Hotel Window - Key West
Pier House Resort & Spa
October 19, 2022


We are in Key West. Chris and I made the drive yesterday for a planned combined birthday celebration/get away. 

Out our hotel window is a stunning view of palms. Various large palms. At some point I guess I need to start learning the names of the different species of palms. We are on the ground floor and it is very cool this morning as I am writing this from the verandah. The temperature is reported as 77 degrees, but with the low humidity and breeze it seems cooler. 

The drive to Key West from Tequesta is a planned five hours before stops. And there is always one stop for lunch or dinner at my favorite restaurant in the Keys, the Islamorada Fish Company! We arrived at the restaurant almost exactly at noon, which means it is just over half-way to the destination of Key West. For those who have never driven U.S. 1 through the Keys, it is a slog. Mostly 2-lanes of towns and stops interspersed with stunning views of land, ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico. The Islamorada Fish Company is a bit less than two-hours from Key West and provides a much needed stop and respite from the traffic--which was not that bad being that it is not the high season, yet.

Seagull and Tarpon
Islamorada Fish Company
Islamorada, FL
October 18, 2022

The restaurant is built around a large pond which is open to the ocean and is populated with large, and I mean large, tarpon. Chris decided to throw some of her leftover bread from lunch into the pond for the seagulls which were diving to snatch small fish and the bread. I just happened to get this image of a seagull about to snatch the bread while a tarpon is seen in the water below. The dorsal fin is just visible above the surface of the water in front of the seagull. 

View from the Pier House Private Beach
Key West, FL
October 18, 2022

We enjoyed our drive and arriving at the resport we changed into swim gear and headed to the beach. Yes, this report has a private beach. 

It was probably a good thing we hit the beach yesterday since the weather today is supposed to be much cooler. The temperature is forecast to decline as the day progresses and there is rain in the forecast. It may not be a good beach day. 

But wait, I'm in Key West! What is not to like? I did check the cruise ship schedule and one will arrive tomorrow morning when we are planned to depart to drive back to Tequesta. 

Fun awaits!

-- Bob Doan, Key West, FL

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