Friday, October 28, 2022

Rolling out the Barrel


The weather this week continues to be enjoyable and Chris and I took advantage of yesterday from sunrise to sunset.

Chris on her Bike
Tequesta, FL
October 25, 2022

We began the day with an easy 14.5 mile bike ride. It was Chris's first ride on her new bike. I took it easy on her and by the end of the ride she had completely bonded with the bike. She took Wednesday off from riding due to a sore knee and so yesterday was the first real ride on the new bike.

The Wall in Progress
Tequesta, FL
October 27, 2022
As the day continued, it was finally time, after delaying it as long as possible, to break out the painting supplies and begin painting the wall in the dining room. Ugh! I hate painting. It turns out that I do not enjoy home repair/improvement projects that begin with "P". Plumbing and painting specifically. Posthole digging is right up there as well. The first coat of paint is on the wall and the second will be applied today. The newly whitened wall adds additional light to the room and the entire area. 

And then the evening. 

What to do for the evening?

Yes, Oktoberfest! The Town of Juno Beach held an Oktoberfest celebration complete with pretzels, bratwurst, beans, sauerkraut, and beer/wine. All included in the admission!

We rolled out the barrel and had a great time! We enjoyed the live accordion music (and Chris danced) until after dark. It was a great way to put an exclamation point on the day. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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